Pranav Agarwal

To dream is to sculpt reality.

In school, as I grew aware of the problems that the world is facing, I yearned to solve them and dreamt of becoming an inventor. And after countless failed projects, much frustration and fun, I finally did get inventing.

The world is grueling with problems, challenges and crises. But I believe that we can find a simple and intuitive solution to most problems and, by combining creativity with technology, we can solve global crises.

I am interested in solving real world problems through social, environmental and business innovation.

At high school, fed up of mosquitoes and concerned about the widespread diseases that they cause, I designed a solar-powered device called Solar Scare Mosquito that can be placed in stagnant water bodies to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. This innovation caught the interest of global media as an affordable and sustainable solution to tackle mosquito-borne diseases, and even caught the attention of Bill Gates! Looking at the great demand for the device, especially from Brazil during the Zika epidemic, I am preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture the device.

Then again in college, disturbed by the countless road accident fatalities, I developed a smart, cost-effective and easily implementable system to reduce accidents between vehicles. I imagine the cars of tomorrow to work as a cooperative, organized and harmonious organism rather than individual and independent vehicles. In an effort towards this vision, the satellite-navigation-based system called Round the Corner gives an audiovisual warning to the driver before an imminent collision. The concept has been accepted and validated by a number of companies and institutions.

I love to work with and motivate youngsters. I have conducted workshops on innovation and design thinking for high school students and launched an annual Maker Fair at my school and headed it for four years. Besides working on impactful concepts, I like to build as well. I have worked on several DIY projects with sensors and microcontrollers like the Arduino. I am also passionate about the Internet of Things and the Sharing Economy and am working to innovate in these fields.

Now that I have graduated and got a break from studies, I hope to accelerate my innovations towards a smarter, greener and safer future.


Awards and Recognition:

  • Green Brain of the Year – Winner
    Best innovation for “Sustainable Environment, Sustainable Energy and Sustainable Water Resources.”
    Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus. (2014)
  • Valeo Innovation Challenge – Runner up
    With participation from over 1000 universities from 89 countries.
    Valeo, France (2015)
  • Apps for Humanity Challenge – Grand Prize Winner
    Coretech Foundation, USA (2016)
  • Challenge – Runner Up
    Horizon 2020, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2016)

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